Adeva Salon & Spa
As an Aveda Concept Salon, we use high-quality, naturally-derived products created by a company that is focused on the environment and supporting indigenous cultures around the world. Our commitment to exceptional service is evident through our professionalism and complimentary value added services.

Our team performs at the top of the beauty industry, creating timeless and trend-setting looks. Attending hair shows across the nation and overseas, we're constantly inspired to reinvent styles with skill and vision.

We strive to make your experience at Adeva a memorable one and look forward to catering to your needs.

Marissa Sliman Tesler
Owner, Master Stylist
Marissa has been in the beauty industry since 2001 and previously worked at two Aveda salons prior to opening Adeva Salon & Spa in April 2005. After graduating from Brown Aveda Institute, Marissa trained in multiple educational cities such as New York, Milan, and Minneapolis, where she studied at the Aveda Headquarters. Marissa has been given an excellence award from the Brown Aveda Institute and was inducted into their hall of fame. A free form cutter, Marissa enjoys creating shape in her cuts by removing not only length but weight. She says, "I truly enjoy the transformation, whether it is through color, cut or makeup. I like bringing out true beauty and style in my guests." Outside of work, Marissa channels her creative abilities still through her hobbies of yoga, fashion, and interior design. Marissa says of her business, "I enjoy creating positive experiences for my guests and making sure that they look and feel their best when leaving Adeva."
Alicia Dolan
Signature Stylist
Alicia has been in the business of beauty since 2001. After graduating from Lorain County JVS, she spent 15 years in two Aveda salons before finding her home at Adeva Salon & Spa. Her career includes extensive training through Aveda and Bumble and Bumble, as well as 6 years as Color Coach for Aveda, where she learned the newest trends in hair color and in turn taught them to fellow stylists. She is an Aveda girl through and through, and is excited to add extension services to the list of top notch services offered at Adeva. "I love making people feel better about themselves, while at the same time working with a company like Aveda that is always striving to make the world around them better." In her spare time Alicia enjoys family time with her husband, daughter, and their parents. "My family is my rock and I'm extremely lucky to have them in my life." She also loves reading with a passion for Science Fiction, Comics, and all things Harry Potter.
Courtney Plas
Designer Stylist, Nail & Body Technician
Courtney graduated from Regency Beauty Institute and began her career in 2009. After graduation she began working with Aveda and has been with Adeva Salon & Spa since. She says, "I love what Aveda stands for and that they give back to both clients and the environment." After completing an Apprenticeship at Adeva, Courtney studied relaxation massage in order to become certified to perform various types of relaxing and stress-reducing massages. Courtney is constantly continuing her education through Aveda's advanced classes in skin, color, haircuts, and the top trends in the beauty industry. Her sunny personality shines through in her services as she; she says her favorite part of what she does is allowing people to feel relaxed, beautiful, and educated on the pampered services that they are receiving. Courtney explains, "It' my dream job."
Miriam Fritz
Designer Stylist, Nail Technician
Miriam has been in the industry and with Aveda since 2011. Starting with Adeva Salon & Spa in the fall of 2012, she is constantly learning and taking classes to expand her education and experience level. In her work, Miriam enjoys solving styling issues for her clients and bringing out a more natural look in both color and cut. With a detail-oriented personality, she strives for perfection in all that she does. Miriam pulls from her creative background to motivate and inspire throughout her career; "Because of my background in art, I am well versed in color theory and form, which are the building blocks of color and cut." An avid reader, she enjoys picking up new books in her spare time, as well as listening to music of all varieties. Miriam says she loves the Aveda mission and all that the company represents; "Working for a company that cares about the environment and gives back to society is huge for me."
Joan Feather
Joan is an Aveda licensed esthetician and recent addition to Adeva Salon and Spa's team. Trained at the Brown Aveda Institute, she brings an empathic touch, a passion for helping others, and 25 years of experience as a registered nurse to her services. With extensive knowledge of the body and skin, she provides a truly unique spa experience. Joan is excited to connect with her clients through treatments that both balance and beautify.
Jazmin Riordan
Esthetician / Lash Stylist
Jazmin is an Aveda licensed esthetician who joined Adeva in Summer 2017. In addition to standard spa services, she adds expertise in eyelash extensions to the Adeva menu. Jazmin is dedicated to giving each and every one of her clients the connection and relaxation they deserve, and she continues to develop her capabilities through advanced education on industry-leading services.
Jesicca Shiltz
Junior Stylist, Nail Technician
Jesicca's favorite part about being a stylist is giving people an escape, a place to relax, while improving their self-image through manicure, a new haircut, or some fresh hair color. "I love finding the right products for clients, then providing them with the education to achieve the salon styles and looks that they love, all in their own at home!"" Jesicca graduated from Brown Aveda Institute in 2016 before completing Adeva's apprentice program. She describes herself as nurturing and laid back, and loves learning the most current, ever-changing hair color techniques and trends.
Emma Hoag
Stylist Apprentice, Nail Technician
Emma was drawn to the beauty industry for its excitement and constant change. She is passionate about the detail and precision that goes into dimensional hair coloring techniques, and this passion drives her to work tirelessly to satisfy her guests. "What I love most about my job is that I have the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of amazing people. Our clientele is special and... everyone has such fascinating stories and wisdom."" After graduating from Brown Adeva in 2017, her time at Adeva has been influential in building a foundation for her career.